There is something quite magical about little boys, a summer evening that stretches out all golden and wonderful, fences to climb and horses to get to know.

We try to bring our grandson along with us when we feed as often as we can because he is such a great teacher about living life in the present moment, having fun wherever you are, and exuding joy in everything you do.

Why is it we adults so often forget these very simple things?

Is it that we’ve forgotten how?

Or don’t have the time for such silliness?

Or think we must act like grownups? (And what does that truly mean?)

If I’m not careful I can get myself bogged down with a case of the “have-to’s” and completely miss the wonder of the moment. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

  • I have to get back home and make dinner so it’s not midnight when we’re eating.
  • I have to fold the laundry.
  • I have to  return phone calls or email.
  • I have to ….

All important enough in their own way, and necessary to keep like running smoothly, but what I must continually remind myself is this:

It is possible to do both. Life is not about either/or. It is about “and.”

The quality of my life depends upon allowing myself to revel in a gorgeous sunset, or the antics of a four-year-old, or the sweet communion with two old mares who depend on us for the quality of their lives.


The quality of my life depends upon making time to see that the infrastructure of our lives is in place so that life works. I suppose that’s a fancy way of saying, make dinner, fold the laundry, and return phone calls. And about a million more things.

When I find myself slipping too much to the side of either/or, I schedule time with my four-year-old guru for another lesson.

Luckily he’s always available!