Last weekend I found myself in the happy company of my sister, my son, his wife and their adorable son. We were loaded in my SUV headed to Wyoming—Snowy Range to be precise.

Snowy Range

Our mission was bittersweet—saying a final goodbye to our sister who had died in the spring. She loved Snowy Range and had two (at minimum) favorite spots where she would sit and gaze out over the landscape, enjoying the profusion of columbine, blue bells, and other wildflowers that usually were in full bloom.


Halfway there we felt the need for a coffee break. My son and his wife are fans of “designer coffee.” Well actually, so am I. But I couldn’t think of a place to stop in Laramie that was on our way, and we were on a pretty tight schedule.


Instead we stopped at one of Laramie’s oldest destination locations for outdoor folk. The West Laramie Fly Store touts itself as “the one stop shop for all your hunting, fishing and camping needs.”

And it is just that.

But coffee?

I figured it would be a lone pot cranking away on a burner, old and burned and strong. “Don’t get your hopes up,” I warned. “What we’re likely to get is cowboy coffee—strong and bitter and not too fresh.”


So imagine my surprise when we found the coffee station with cowboy coffee actually identified on the handle of the pot. Along with a few other selections like Jamaican Me Crazy and Colombian, also duly marked on the pot handles.


To my surprise, the coffee was fresh and delicious. I mixed cowboy coffee with Jamaican Me Crazy for a slightly exotic blend while my son mixed cowboy coffee with Colombian.


He said that he was going for the “south American gaucho blend,” though I’m not sure there are gauchos in Colombia. More like Argentina, but no need to get all picky about the details!


My sister who isn’t a coffee fan decided to spend her money on a tee-shirt for her friend who is an avid fisherman. There was quite a selection of funny, slightly off-color shirts. She ended up with this one: “The way to a fisherman’s heart is through his fly.” It was funny AND nearly too much information!

She hasn’t said yet how he liked it. Come to think of it, that could really land in the too much information category. In our family, we’re pretty conservative when it comes to those personal, over-sharing conversations.


Have a great weekend. And Happy August!