Rain is one of those weather events that creates a love-hate response in folks. And probably in horses too! Here in northern Colorado we’ve had a summer of rain.

  • That means the land is still green, which is always a wonderful sight to behold, especially as we nudge ourselves into August.
  • That means our water bills aren’t quite as shocking as they sometimes can be in the middle of summer.
  • That means coming up with Plan B for those outdoor events like concerts, barbecues, parties on the lawn etc.
  • That means the scare of flash flood warnings.
  • That means muddy pastures and WET horses.


It’s been an interesting weather season with hail, tons of rain, flood warnings, and a few days of blazing heat.

But wait, we are in Colorado where the motto about weather is this: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”


Where do you stand on the rain? Love it or hate it?


P.S. Chickadee says she’s a little tired of being wet.