Our good friend Jack, aka Amigo, has been put on a diet.

His people don’t want him grazing all night, so this blue instrument of torture (from Jack’s perspective) is what they use. It comes off in the daytime so he’s free to nibble grass to his heart’s content, but at nigh, it’s frustration to the max. He hates it.


They have good reason for doing this. Jack has navicular disease which means in both his front feet, the navicular bone is deteriorating. It’s quite painful. His people have gone to all sorts of measures to help him feel better. And chief among the things that help is losing weight.

So it makes sense.

That is to us humans. To Jack, not so much.


For those of us who are a bit weak in the willpower department, Jack has something he’d love to sell you. Cheap! 1-800-get this off me!