When it comes to eating, Miss P. is a dawdler. She likes to take a bite, look around as she chews, then take another tiny nibble. It take a long time for her to finish a pan of grain.

Sometimes we are short of time and try to speed up the process.

Never a good thing with horses.

They sense our impatience, and then either get stubborn or twitchy.

Horses are great mood barometers.

Handy dandy biofeedback on four legs.


Rick figured out that if he holds the feed pan for Pepper, she will usually focus on eating.

Though wiith her nothing is a sure bet.

She likes it that way – wants to keep us on our toes.


The horses are a constant reminder for me to stay grounded and paying attention to the present.

I realize that there are few other times in my day that I allow myself this luxurious gift of focus.

And I wonder why.


Sometimes in the garden. Often while doing my art. Sometimes while cooking.


Where do you find yourself best able to live in your present tense?