Waiting for the vet

Waiting for the vet

The Golden Girls had some dental work done yesterday. Had to have their teeth checked and “floated.” This essentially means grinding down any teeth that have become pointed so that the old girls can eat properly. It’s not the most pleasant of experiences. It involves light sedation and a lot of noise from the grinder.


Long ago I promised Miss P. that I would never publish a photo of her in less than flattering circumstances. It seems the least I can do for my old friend. So I will not photograph her dental sessions. Wouldn’t want to be photographed when I’m in the dentist chair either!


I do feel better knowing that teeth have been checked and the girls will be better able to chew their food. Turns out Chickadee hasn’t got many teeth left. Kinda explains her messy eating habits.



In the meantime, look who I found lounging in the tack room.

Is that cuteness personified or what?