It seems Pepper has made her decision about her summer company.

She’s chosen to stay with Mr. Black, no matter what we have to say about it. Chickadee goes along for the ride, but it’s clear this isn’t her first choice.

And Mr. Black–well he’s all puffery and posturing when it comes to Pepper. He puts up a BIG fuss when we take her out of the pasture, and then makes an even bigger deal when she returns.


I think part of our problem is that this represents change.

And we humans seem to have such trouble accepting change. Mr. Black is not our dear old friend Jack, and we don’t like that. We wanted him to be the one tending to the Golden Girls.

As if we honestly had any say in the matter.

And perhaps more to the point, Mr. Black is not Bud. His presence makes it so very clear that Bud is gone, never again to be part of the Herd of Oldsters. It prickles at the edge of our consciousness and revives old hurts and sadness.


The lesson that seems to keep offering itself to me is learning to surrender to what is happening, rather than wishing or expecting something to be different. It sounds so easy when I read it, but in action it is far from easy.


And yet I’ve learned that when I do accept things in present time, just as they are unfolding, I feel better.

More at peace in my heart.

Which is exactly the feeling I want more of in my day-to-day life.

More peace, less angst.


The funny thing is that I actually thought I had a say in what goes on in the pasture.

Silly me.


Surrender. Yield. Accept.