I’ve been busy lately.

Too busy.

I feel it in my body and my sense of contentment. When I get this way, so busy and stressed, I often don’t see my life for what it is–wonderful. Just as it is.


Oh sure, there are things to change, improve, or re-think. But those are always present.


Recently I was listening to an interview with Jack Kornfield, Buddhist monk, author and clinical psychologist. He described the practice of mindfulness as a “daily brush with peace and contentment.” I was taken with the phrase and found myself yearning for that very experience of peace and contentment.


Then I thought of my horses and how I feel when I am with them at the pasture.


A couple of evenings ago we were out feeding the Golden Girls and this wave of contentment washed over me. The heat of the day had soaked into the ground. The sky was turning a slight lavender color, the smell of newly cut grass wafted into my awareness, and birds were chittering as they headed to the big cottonwood to roost for the night.


I took a deep breath and then another as the tension in my body softened, replaced by a strong feeling of deep peace. I took this picture to remind me of the peace and contentment I find with these two sweet old girls.


Where do you find your daily brush with peace? With contentment?