Spring is in full swing at the pasture.

Grass is green and growing. Horses are happily grazing. The days are getting longer and filled with warm breezes and sunshine. And of course we have the occasional spring rains just to keep things fresh.


For the longest time, I have simply had no words. No ability to write or even think about much–as if I were in stasis. But the last few days have been different. I have felt the urgings of spring and so much more peace in my heart.


Because here’s the thing: life goes on in all of its wild and wonderful beauty.

As cliché as it may sound, the old saying “when one door closes, another opens,” is so very true. While I lost my sister Judy, I have gained family. My son and his family are moving into a lovely home just a few miles from us.

Thank you!!


And my mother-in-law has moved here, also just a couple of miles away. Thank you again!! Our holidays, and every day are going to be much more family-filled.

And my younger sister is living in our same town.

And that is a blessing.


Thank you for hanging in there with me during the “drought.”I am back and eager to fill you in on what’s been happening with the Golden Girls. And, its been quite a bit, so stay tuned.


Thought you’d like to see one of the two new foals at the barn. This one is named June Bug. Isn’t that the cutest name, and little foal ever?