Last Saturday Countess Chickadee celebrated her thirty-first birthday. It was a wild party with hay cubes for all. Well, for all who showed up at the fence! And Miss P. of course.


In November when we adopted Chickadee, her owner left her with these words to us, “I’m glad you’re taking the old girl. I think this may be her last winter in the pasture.”

I suppose that statement could still come true, but as far as the “old girl” is concerned, she had a good winter. One could even say a great winter. She’s come out of it looking really good and ready for the green grass that’s sprouting up all over the pasture.


Chickadee had literally been put out to pasture. Amazing how well she did with daily grain and a blanket to protect her on the cold days.

I’m not saying ‘look at how good we are for taking her in.’

I think what I’m trying to say is how all of us–animal and human thrive with attention.

When someone loves us, cares for us, notices us, we do well. Psychologists have studied this forever always with the same end result.

We need each other.

We need to be loved. It’s hard wired into us.


Happy Birthday Chickadee!

Know this old girl: You will live out your years being pampered and loved.

And who could ask for a better birthday present?