It is definitely March.

How do I know this?

Perhaps because here in Colorado (and probably many other locales):

  • It can be seventy degrees one day and ten the next.
  • We wake up or go to sleep serenaded by the frantic clanging of windchimes, or the freight train sound of wind rushing through the bare trees.
  • At the pasture, horse tails and manes become interesting sculptures, and the ground is blown clean.
  • The earth is beginning to show signs of life. Tiny crocus push through dry, hard-packed winter ground to glow purple or gold in the sunlight, and tulip leaves spike toward the sky. The grass, both in the pasture and my yard is greening up.
  • And the light, the glorious light has returned.


I’m working to stay in the presence of what is–wind, sun, snow, flowers. “It’s all good,” I tell myself.

I’d love to know what you see as signs of March.

Let’s make a list.