Animals are resourceful. They know how to take care of themselves; how to get their needs met.

And they’re not always terribly discerning.

Take for example their belief that the large white porcelain fixture brimming with water is their own personal drinking fountain.

At my sister’s house, they leave the toilet seat up on purpose, not because of a stereotypical neglectful male, but because the cat likes it that way.

I know other folks that leave their faucets dripping a tiny drizzle of water for the cat.

There’s no judgment here, because you know how I am–somewhat overly indulgent when it comes to my animals.

Okay, maybe not even somewhat. I am overly indulgent.

So when the other day we noticed Mija, our eighteen-year-old sweet little cat, drinking from the watering can, we figured she knew what she was doing.

And even though she always has  fresh water available to her, my husband started filling her bowl from the watering can. He seems to think she likes it better–maybe because the chlorine has outgassed. At least that’s his current working theory.

Who knows for sure? She’s been silent on the topic, leaving us to our own speculations.

For now we’re doing a split test.  She’s getting watering can water from him and tap water from me. Aren’t we just the scientific couple!

So come on, it ‘s time to share.

What peculiar habits have your animals trained you to do?

We’re all in this together so there will be absolutely no fun-making or judgment. Though we may be a tiny bit entertained.