Judy and Jean

This is my big sister Judy.

She’s not really all that big. In fact, technically I’m bigger. But she’s older. And who says ‘this is my older sister’ when they’re talking informally?

Well I guess some folks do…, but not me.

Judy is seven years older and for my entire life, she has been a, mentor, parent figure, bossy big sister, and mostly she has been my friend. She now is one of a very few people living who has known me from the day I was born.

And that seems really important. It has to do with knowing where I belong.

With continuity.

With family.

My younger sister (little sister) and I are climbing on an airplane and heading off for a weekend visit with our big sister.

Maintaining family connections matters.

Family is important.

And sisters, well they are just the best.


Have a great weekend. And hug your sister if you have one.

Okay, hug your brother too.

And if you still have the opportunity, hug your parents. Aunts, uncles, cousins.

Hug all of ‘em.