It’s predicted to be in the seventies today and I am doing the happy dance. For some reason the cold and snow has gotten to me this year.

In my front garden I see tiny purple crocus blooms peeking through the dry leaves.

They’re ready for spring.

In the pasture I see the beginnings of green shoots of grass nudging their way through the dry, brown, winter-weary grass. Recently, Pepper found a particularly tasty clump of new grass and nibbled to her heart’s content. It’s been long for the horses too.

And yet I know winter is very likely not finished with us-with March being the snowiest month in Colorado.

I want to remain present in my life and not wish my days away. If it ‘s cold and snowy, I want to be right there in it.

And if it’s a balmy seventy degrees, I want to take that into my very soul.

The trick I think is being right here, right now.

Pepper and Chickadee do it with no problem.

It’s a different story for me.

But I’m working on it.