It’s the season of weather watching. And rapid changes in temps.

On Sunday when we were out feeding the Golden Girls, it was a rousing ten degrees. Then yesterday it was almost sixty degrees.

So we took the coats off.

And now we see that another snow is on the way.

So coats back on.

But by Thursday it’s gonna be almost seventy degrees.

Coats off.

Yet March is known as Colorado’s snowiest month.

Coats back on.

We’ll be doing this dance for a while.

Not sure when we’ll get a chance to mend Chickadee’s coat. As you can see from the photo, she’s torn the heck out of it. This is her first season with a coat and she’s had a few problems. First she lost both straps on her lightweight coat. And now, there’s a big old tear in her heavyweight coat.

But hey, it’s only money!