Polka Dot Ponies

We have a couple of newcomers to the pasture–been here about a month. I took this picture on one of the first days I met them.

As is my wacky habit, I immediately named them the Polka Dot Ponies.

Just to be clear, the name is totally from my imagination.

First off, they are not ponies. I do know the difference.

Second, they are Paints not Polka Dots.

But I like my name better! So they have quickly become the Polka Dot Ponies between Rick and me.

And now you.

These are sweet, friendly horses trying to make their way into the herd, which hasn’t been the easiest. For the first few weeks they huddled together at the edge of everything, just trying to get the lay of the land.

Herd politics is tough. Think Congress trying to agree on a bipartisan bill, only with biting and kicking.

We suspect the Polka Dots came from a warmer climate because neither one has much of a hair coat. All this snow and cold weather has been quite a transition for them.


We’re still getting acquainted, so I don’t yet have much of a story concocted for them.

But you can bet that as time passes, I will!

So stay tuned.

In the meantime, give them a big Colorado welcome.