Aging has this way of giving you a one-two punch.

Some things are good and others not so much. It seems our bodies start behaving as if they belong to someone we don’t even know.

We have little creaks and twinges that are new.

We make noises we never made before.

We can’t eat things we’ve eaten our entire lives.

We look in the mirror and wonder who in the world is staring back at us.

Well our dear sweet Chickadee is turning into a little old woman with a mustache.

For some reason her “stache” shows up especially when the weather is cold. The hairs on her upper lip get stiff and go in all sorts of directions.


I must say she’s handling it much better than I would. Animals are so much more adept at surrenduring to what is. For me, it’s a daily challenge.


Chickadee, Pepper and I are not the only ones experiencing this aging thing are we?

We definitely need company.

Please share…