We’ve got snow.

Lots of it.

When I’m out feeding the Golden Girls I can’t help but notice the huge stretches of fluffy, white snow in the pastures not currently inhabited by the herd.

Mounds of clean snow often take me back to my childhood in Wyoming when we’d sometimes make snow ice cream. It always seemed such a magical thing to do.

Scoop up snow, mix in sugar, vanilla and cream and voila, you have ice cream.

Well sort of.

Fair warning to my husband: I’m seriously thinking about whipping up a batch today.

The other day Pepper got into the act in her horse manner. She kept dumping her feed pan, scattering the grain across the snow. Then one by one she’d nibble up each piece, along with a mouthful of snow.

Maybe she was thirsty.

I prefer to think she was making her own version of snow ice cream. I know it doesn’t look that appealing in the photo, but to her it was the height of deliciousness.

A little grain; a little snow. A gastronomic delight.

Whatever floats your boat!


Stay warm and remember:

When life gives you snow, make ice cream.