When I got married, I had a sewing box. And in that box, among other things, was a darning egg. I still have it, though I haven’t darned a sock in decades. Back when darning was still a thing to do I wasn’t very good at it, usually ending up with a lumpy knot.

Not very comfortable.

I was more competent at hemming skirts and jeans. And sewing on buttons.

The thing that blows my mind is how far we’ve come from the need to mend a hole in your sock rather than buy a new one. These days, we either wear socks with holes in them, or toss them out and buy new.

We pay others to do our hemming.

And we use Velcro instead of buttons!

Recently I had to revive my mending skills because Chickadee had a big slash in her winter coat. The batting was hanging out and she looked like nobody cared about her. Which is definitely NOT true.


Technically I suppose you’d say I patched her coat instead of mended it. I bought some iron-on tape and used my iron (duh) to stick it down.

It looks rather good.

A ton better than the duct tape I’d originally used. That stuff got stiff with the cold, cracked and began to peel off.

And we can’t have that look for the Countess.

Ironing a horse coat did leave the house enveloped in a distinctive aroma!

 So tell me this: Do you still mend your clothes? And do you have a darning egg? These are important things to know J.