It’s official that Chickadee has joined our herd.

We have the paperwork and have had her first vet call. But that’s another story.

Today I want to tell you about her name.

She’s registered with the American Quarter Horse Association as–get this–Countess Chickadee. Her sire was Count Veto, and her dam was Rewards Chickadee.

Hence Countess Chickadee.


You can imagine all the fun I’ve had with this. It seems the Golden Girls are well matched as Miss Pepper also has “royalty” in her lineage from Lukes King Leo.

Don’t they seem like two old grande dames?

They certainly hold court, usually when they are hunkered down in the shed. And they have made it extremely clear to the rest of the herd that they are not to be trifled with.


I like that about women of a certain age, when they (or should I say we?) get comfortable enough with ourselves to know what we want and how to get it. And chief among those things on the “want list” is respect.


So thank you to the Countess and the Princess, yet again, for showing us the way.