Every year about this time I get a strong case of cabin fever. I yearn to go somewhere, preferably somewhere warm with long stretches of empty beach.

My toes ache for soft white sand.

My mouth hungers for margaritas sipped on the veranda at dusk, with a pinkish sky escorting in the nightfall.

My soul hungers for something different.

New experiences.

New things to look at.

New people to meet.

A break in the everyday routine of life.


But this year it simply isn’t to be.

My husband is recovering from surgery.

Our animals are growing more and more fragile and we are needed here with them.

And I’m good with that.

Yesterday we were talking about how our calling right now is caring for our old animals–giving them kindness and care at the end of their lives. It’s not everyone’s calling. But it definitely is ours.


In the meantime, I pull up my pictures of vacations past, and remember. For now, it does the trick. I get a little “hit” of the tropics without moving from my computer.


This photo was taken in Mexico some years ago on a secluded beach where we’d gone to snorkel. It’s my Blessing of Beauty for this Tuesday.


What about you? Are you yearning for a vacation?