Blanket Hair

For folks that like to always look their best, winter brings its own set of challenges.

For us humans, it’s “hat hair.”

It always seems like such a good idea to wear one of the many adorable winter hats. That is until you take it off. For the vast majority of us, our hair is usually trashed, flat as a pancake or sticking out in directions we don’t want.

Once you put a hat on your head, you must keep it there, or pay the consequences of showing up with hat hair.  And for some reason, we think people will judge us, or think badly of us or make rude comments as if we were still in middle school.

I’m certain it’s why back in December my good friend chose to keep her Santa hat on, when she met me for a glass of wine after work. She’d worn it to the office party and now feared revealing what had happened to her hair, knowing full well it probably wasn’t good. The hat looked cute, but she was tired of wearing it.

Hats do have a way of becoming extremely confining after a while.

After our last cold snap, when I removed Miss Pepper’s blanket, I found her own version of hat hair. Her mane was tangled, Her tail was sticking up in ways it usually does NOT. And along her back, little bits of her coat stood straight up, as if I’d put some type of hair styling product on them.

She’s much more confident in her sense of self than I am, so blanket hair didn’t bother her one bit. She knows people love her for the horse she is, not how her hair looks.

Yet another thing I’ve learned from this sweet old girl.

Do you wear hats? And if so, how do you deal with hat hair? We are on the edge of our seats awaiting your answer! Hey, it’s January and things are a little slow!