“Winter Solstice has been celebrated in all cultures, for all time remembered. On the longest night of the year, the cycle of light is suspended in time, dark balancing light and the veil between the worlds is thin. This marks the beginning of the solar year. The Solstice is a time of celebration of Light returning and the rebirth of the Sun. In Italy this day was celebrated as Saturnalia, a weeklong celebration that was marked by forgiveness, revelry and honoring. In old Europe the Solstice was known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul which means wheel, marked with celebration, honoring and reverence.”

~Cat Caracelo


On this eve of the longest night of the year I’m asking myself if I am paying attention to the things that truly matter in my life. Am I noticing my world?

Really noticing.

If I am truthful with myself, I have to answer “sometimes.” I’d like to think I pay attention “most of the time,” but I could do better.

How about you?


Hoping you’ve seen this glorious full moon nestled in in the sky amongst stars and clear dark sky or hazy, foggy clouds.


Do something cozy and nurturing for yourself tomorrow.

It’s a time of going inside, slowing down and resting for the spring (and the light) to return.