The Canada Geese are on the move these days.

Hundreds rise up from one cornfield and stitch their way across the sky to their next destination—another field or perhaps a lake.

And while I always thrill at the sight of them, even one or two making their way overhead, I am almost brought to tears, speechless when they fly above me en masse. There have been days in the pasture when it’s so still, I can almost hear the beating of their wings. Their calls to each other—beautiful honking sounds are so primal, they resonate in my chest like a long ago memory that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I imagine they are issuing sounds of encouragement to each other. “Keep going. We’re almost there.” Or, “You can do it.”

Couldn’t we all do with a bit more honking?

I know I could.

Sometimes I take the geese for granted. They are fixtures in our community. Some folks love them and some view them as nothing but nuisances.

As you can probably surmise, I land on the side of loving them.

I never want to become so civilized that I am numb to the honor of sharing the world with its wild inhabitants.

Next time you see geese overhead, I invite you to pull your car to the side of the road, or stop your bicycle, or step out your door and simply listen.

Soak in that wildness and let it reverberate in your heart.

At our core, we are all wild things.