There is something about this picture that soothes me.

I don’t know this horse’s name. He’s not part of the current Herd of Oldsters, and doesn’t usually hang around the gate waiting for snacks when I’m out feeding.

Today when I drove up I saw him at the pond, nibbling the still-green shoots of grass growing on the edge of the water.

I noticed that I immediately relaxed.

The sun was shining, the bronze of autumn still hung in the air, even though many of the leaves have fallen.

I’d been busy, running from here to there, working first on one project and then another.


Perhaps too busy.

Yes, definitely too busy.

That’s one of the benefits of my time with the horses.

I remember there is another way of being in this world.

A way that isn’t defined by busy-ness, but rather by peace.


A dappled white horse, green shoots of grass and fading sunlight on a late autumn afternoon.