Like it or not, the season is changing, the wheel turning from autumn to winter. It often seems too soon to me, yet I am learning to be present in this moment of this day.

So winter it is!

Do you have routines that get you ready for winter?

Mija spends more time snuggled in cozy fleece.

Pepper and Chickadee fuzz out.

I get out my winter clothes – sweaters, fleece and wool socks.

I locate my gloves and heavy coats.

I find myself craving potatoes and other stick-to-your-ribs foods.

I turn up the heat and plug in the electric mattress pad.

I tend to go to bed earlier and stay there longer.

All in all I feel a little more sluggish­—yielding to my ancient, hardwired nature to hibernate in winter.


How about you?

How does your body tell you it’s winter?