Swimming Hole Collage

Sunday was one of those glorious autumn days we all swoon over. 

The whole town has been burnished to a brilliant gleaming bronze color with every tree, shrub and mound of decorative grass glowing in the sunlight. It was almost seventy degrees and definitely a swoon-worthy day.


We were doing our usual Sunday afternoon gig of hanging out in the pasture with our horses, feeding them and enjoying the sunshine.

Apparently the horses were enjoying the day as much as we were. It seems that everybody was gathered at the gate hoping for treats as Pepper and Chickadee munched their grain. (I wonder where they got that idea!)


Next thing we knew, two horses decided it was a great day for a swim.

Never mind that the water in the pond was emerald green from all the algae and who-knows-what-else. Horses don’t seem to care.

At least not these horses.

They splashed and stomped around the pond, having a high old time. What really entertained me was how the other horses watched with rapt attention. No one else was about to stick a hoof in the water, but boy did they find this interesting. You can see them in the last photo of the collage.


When he got out of the pond, the dark horse proceeded to take a dust bath.

He rolled, got up, shook himself, and then let out a big old sigh. I guess life doesn’t get much better for a horse.


It was one of those events I felt privileged to observe.

As I’ve gotten to know the horses in this herd, I’ve seen some amazing things.

It’s about taking the time to notice.

And this little adventure in the swimming hole was a perfect addition to an already perfect day.