The season is officially changing now that we have white stuff on the ground. This move to colder weather means different things to each of us.

One thing it means for me is lugging the horse blankets to the car and then getting them on the horses.

And then taking them off.

And then putting them back on.

It’s the linchpin of my winter exercise program.

Mind you, I’m happy to provide some warmth and protection against the wind for my sweet old girl.


And now we’re blanketing Chickadee.

Might as well as we have Bud’s coat just gathering dust in our garage.

Not sure if Chickadee has ever worn a blanket. In the years I’ve known her, she hasn’t. She seemed quite grateful when we slipped it on her even though it is a little big for her.

We figured Bud would be pleased that his coat is getting good use.


Are you scrambling to find your coats and gloves and boots?

How are you feeling about our first snow? 

Thumbs up or thumbs down?