These two characters often watch me from their turnout as I feed the Golden Girls.

And being who I am, I always give them hay cubes.

We have an agreement of sorts. They know me, and they allow me to get to know them.

I like it.

I like them.

You may remember Shawnee from the time she had her bangs cut like Mamie Eisenhower. I wrote about it here.

And Neighbor is a sweet old boy who has graced this blog many times.

I don’t know what exactly they were discussing when I snapped this photo, but it looked intense.

Maybe it was the clouds to the west bearing down on them.

Or, where the heck the hay truck was.

Or an evaluation of my pasture attire, which I’ll agree can be questionable at times.

Whatever it was they were into it.

Sometimes I worry that I see my horse friends more frequently than my human ones.

I’m still trying to decide it that’s a problem or merely an observation.