Among the many things I’ve learned as I’ve ventured forth each day to feed our two old sweeties, is this important nugget:

If you’ve just washed your hair, or been to the hairdresser, that’s the day the wind will blow like crazy.


Split Ends-3


Then you’re faced with this huge decision: wear a hat and risk hat head on your new “do,” or go without, and let the wind give you a decidedly windblown coif.


Split Ends-1

I guess you’ve figured out it’s really a no-win kind of thing. One might think I’d learn to wash my hair after going out to feed.

But apparently I haven’t!


And if you think this dilemma is restricted to humans, think again. The wind was recently playing havoc with the Golden Girls. Made their tails look like nothing but split ends.


Split Ends-2

It’s been a challenging summer with heat, rain and wind.

Maybe it’s time for a spa day.

All round.