Here in northern Colorado it’s been raining like crazy.

At first we were thrilled for the rain since the summer has been long, hot and very dry.

Then it’s kept on raining.

Day and night.

The ground is saturated. Every creek and ditch is filled to overflowing. The many rivers around us, the Big Thompson, the Poudre, the Saint Vrain have crested, turning streets into rivers, homes into swimming pools.

The small pond at the pasture is filled to the very brim. Last evening as I was feeding Miss Pepper, I watched as the facility owner struggled to get the pump working so she could divert some of the water into the field.


It was cold, wet miserable work. Except for the three dogs who were there lending moral support. Those three were having a ball, chasing each other through the pasture, then every so often stopping to check on progress with the pump.

All told it took two humans, three dogs and one curious horse to get the pump working!



The rainy weather has done wonders for Pepper’s appetite. Clean plate club last night. She needs those extra calories to keep warm.


I’m happy for the change of seasons, but does everything have to be so darned dramatic?

Ever get the feeling we’ve seriously ticked off Mother Nature?


Blessings to everyone affected by the flooding water.