Pet Palooza Collage

Last week I attended my first pet fashion show.

It was a beautiful end of summer evening in my sister’s gorgeous yard with dogs—large and small strutting their stuff. In truth, the dogs were much more interested in checking each other out, and investigating all the new smells. They had no real understanding of why they were dressed in what they thought were ridiculous outfits.

Some wore skirts, some had bows in their hair, others had scarves or frou-frou things around their necks. And one adorable yellow lab was trying out his Halloween costume, though he looked more embarrassed than happy about wearing it.

The pictures in the collage above were the best ones I got. Mostly I have a ton of blurry photos of dogs and owners going this way and that.

The dog parents did very little sitting, nibbling goodies, or enjoying a glass of wine. Instead they were being pulled back and forth across the yard by dogs that were, shall we say, just a little wound up.


To those of us who didn’t have a dog in the event, it was quite entertaining to watch the humans.

I did suggest bringing Miss Pepper to the fashion show, but ….

This entertainment was brought to us on behalf of the Larimer Humane Society.

These folks do amazing work for animals in our community. Right now they are in desperate need of a new facility so they can even better serve our community’s animals that so often have no voice and no advocate.

If you live in the area and have the opportunity to support this wonderful organization, please do so.

P.S. This Halloween if you find an adorable yellow lab dressed in his pumpkin costume trick or treating at your door, I hope you’ll have a treat for him!