“We should never, ever give up . . . You never are too old to chase your dreams.”

~Diana Nyad


Yesterday I told you about Bob, the two-year-old Percheron who is still learning manners, people and horse skills, and how the world works.


It seems he is especially fond of the tender, juicy plants that grow at the edge of the pond. He just wades right in and nibbles to his heart’s content.

He’s the only horse I’ve seen do this in quite this way.

No surprise there!

Bob is fearless.

He simply goes for what he wants.

And he reminds me that I could be fearless as well.

Maybe I don’t have to think everything through quite so much.

Perhaps now and then I can wade right in.

How about you?


Speaking of being fearless in water, how about Diana Nyad?


Big congratulations to her for being the first person to successfully swim from Cuba to Florida—without a shark cage. Talk about fearlessly going for what you want.

She’s 64 years old and an inspiration.

If you haven’t seen her Ted Talk from a couple of years ago, check it out. I guarantee you’ll feel inspired.