Shadow PlayCollage

Labor Day in the U.S. is always the demarcation between summer and fall. Doesn’t matter that we are likely to have ninety degree temps ahead.

Summer’s over.

Stores are filling up with Halloween merchandise and Christmas décor is making its way onto the shelves.


Folks often think of the Labor Day weekend as the last big bash of summer. Time for the last swim, last cookout, last – well fill in the blank with your favorite summer pasttime.

At our house, we didn’t have a big bash of any kind. It was a lazy day—breakfast with friends, sitting on the deck reading, napping, and spending time with the horses.

The early evening light at the pasture was tantalizing and I’m afraid I got carried away taking shadow pictures. The three above are just a sampling. I was especially intrigued with the shadow of my body superimposed on Pepper’s flank. So much so, I tried it with Chickadee as well.


See how easily I am entertained? Life is good when you have simple pleasures to fill your days!


Hope you had a perfect weekend too.