pasture frog

Pepper nearly stepped on this little guy the other day. Look between the arrows if you’re having trouble seeing him. He and two of his friends were having a high old time hopping from the mud puddle into the tall weeds and then back again. He was so well camouflaged we didn’t see him until he jumped.

Pepper just walked on by – heading straight for her grain pan.

I ran for my camera.

I was thinking about how nature still thrills me, and how grateful I am that it does.


A green glass frog sits on a shelf beside my computer in my office. It was a gift long ago – a talisman for luck and creativity.

A quick Google search reveals that frog/toad symbolism can mean luck, fertility, transition, rebirth, renewal healing to name just a few.

I knew they were powerful little creatures!

One website said this,

“When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition.”


I have been in a place of transition. That little frog is a good reminder to look for the opportunities as well as the challenges.


Do animals hold symbolic meaning for you?

Do tell.