Evening Clouds

It’s been a crazy summer in terms of weather here in northern Colorado.

First we were bone dry and worried about drought and water restrictions.

Now we’re smack dab in the middle of a High Plains Monsoon. Other than adding complications to outdoor activities, the rain has been wonderful. The pasture is still green, which makes for happy horses.

And happy horse keepers!

The sky has been breathtakingly beautiful.

It seems every day I’m saying, “Look at the sky. Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Then I take a moment and a breath and simply let it in. Clouds piled like mounds of stiffly beaten cream nestled in a backdrop of blue sky.

Oh my goodness.

 When I choose to see beauty in the world, I always find it.


Long ago, one of my teaching mentors was fond of reminding his students of this simple phrase that remains with me to this day:

 “What you focus on expands.”

Deep breath.

Big sigh.

Here’s to a beautiful day, a beautiful week, a beautiful life.