We’ve unofficially adopted Chickadee.

When we feed Pepper, we also set out a small pan of grain for Chickadee. It just didn’t seem right to feed one of the Golden Girls and not the other.

And Chickadee is ever so grateful.

This is a girl that LOVES her grain.

She puts her head into the pan and doesn’t lift it until every last bit is gone.

She has no reservations about enjoying her food.

Not a single reservation.

You can tell by the photo that she is an enthusiastic eater.

Which makes me happy.


Turns out other horse keepers at the pasture are occasionally tossing goodies to The Girls. One of our pasture friends confided that she’s giving them a little hay when she sees them at the gate.

This little twosome of skinny, aging mares is hard to miss.

And they are quite adorable.

I feel so grateful to everyone for keeping an eye out for our girls.

Isn’t that what life is really about?

Keeping an eye out for each other.

And if you’re able, handing out a goodie or two along the way.