Sharing Grain

Those of you reading this blog for a while know my reasons for starting it. But for my new readers, let me take a moment to summarize.


I wanted to explore my own aging through the lens of life in the pasture with our two old horses, Bud and Pepper. And for almost three years, I’ve done that until last February when Bud died. His death threw all of us into turmoil for a few weeks. Nothing was the same.

That’s what grief does.


In the back of my mind I kept thinking I’d have to change the name of the blog since I no longer have two old horses.

I didn’t do that.

I carried on telling stories about the Herd of Oldsters, Miss Pepper and sharing assorted observations about nature and my life. But in the dark of night when I couldn’t fall asleep I thought about it.


Recently I was at a professional training in Santa Fe. As I got to know some of the participants, I told them about my blog and my concern about how the name Two Old Horses and Me was no longer accurate. (We therapist types have these kinds of conversations!)

On the last day, a very wise man came up to me and said he’d been thinking about what I’d told him. “Keep the name,” he said. “You have two horses in your heart, and that’s what really matters.”


Wow! This from a relative stranger. I teared up at his words, and then thanked him. He was spot on.

Sometimes I worry about things that honestly need no worrying.

Do you ever do that?


The Golden Girls

Interestingly, Chickadee has stepped in to fill the void left by Bud. She and Pepper have become fast friends. We’ve dubbed them “The Golden Girls.” Two old mares keeping each other company. Of course, Rick and I have unofficially adopted her.

So here we are back at two old horses.


Isn’t that how the world works, when we get out of our own way and allow whatever is going to happen, happen?


Trust. Believe. Receive.


Simple but not always so easy.