“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

~Alexander Hamilton


Pepper knows what she likes.

And more importantly, she is abundantly clear about what she doesn’t like. Here are a few things on her list:

  • trying to push her way through a crowd
  • even minute changes to her feed
  • abrupt movements
  • loud noises
  • having her face touched
  • taking medicine

Now after an experience last week, we have another item to add to the list:

Dogs eating from her feed pan.

Whoo boy, did she hate that!

Here’s what happened:

When we pulled up for the evening feeding, there was already someone at our favorite spot. We figured it was no big deal and we could easily share the space.

Pepper wasn’t so sure.

She was “off” from the minute we let her through the gate. She was confused as to where she should go. I should add that to her list. Miss P. definitely does NOT like chaos. She likes her world regular and complete. No surprises. And two cars in the same feeding spot was more surprise than she wanted.


But we steered her to the right feed pan and she began to eat.


Very cautiously.


Eventually the other horse finished eating and his people put him back into the pasture. “Okay, good,” we thought. As they were getting ready to leave, their two large dogs ran over to say hello.

And sneak a bite or two of grain from Pepper’s feed pan.

That’s when things got hinky.

Pepper was not a happy camper with two big dogs nosing into her food.

No siree.

She raised her head, clamped her mouth shut, and refused to take another bite of the tainted food.

“Dog cooties,” my husband whispered.

Pepper stood firm in her decision.

She wasn’t about to lower her standards and eat after those dogs had so rudely invaded her space.

Mind you, this happened in an instant. It was one quick nosing into the pan and then the dogs jumped in their car and that was that.

Except from Peppers perspective.

She was miffed.

How dare they?

Once the interlopers were gone, we stirred her food, hoping to get her to change her mind. And eventually she took another couple of bites before walking away.


Okay sweet girl, we heard you loud and clear. No more rude dogs at dinnertime.

A girl’s gotta have standards.