Over the weekend we made our annual trek to Wyoming to celebrate my birthday. Vedauwoo, the dramatic and beautiful rocky outcrop on Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie was our destination.

Summer would simply not be complete for me without at least one visit to this magical place. My parents started the tradition years ago and I’ve continued it in my adult life, making it a regular part of my birthday celebration.

Some folks want to have lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate their birthday.

Others may take a trip or see a play or go to a movie, or throw a party.

All are worthwhile and enjoyable things to do. But for me, when I really get down to it, I want to spend time at Vedauwoo.

There is something about those gigantic piles of rocks that thrills me to my very core. In other writing I’ve called it one of my heart places.

On the day we visited, it happened to be stormy. Our favorite spot was available and we managed to get in an hour of sitting at the picnic table, eating our lunch and talking before the rain started. Then we scuttled around packing everything back into the cars and headed out. I would have liked more time, but was grateful for what we had.

The sky was breathtaking with huge fat clouds piled on each other like overbeaten cream, adding mystery and drama to the already spectacular scenery. Rick and I drove around for awhile, giving me time to absorb Vedauwoo into my heart for one more year. Every so often I’d ask him to stop driving so I could take a photogragh or two.


When we finally pulled back onto the highway and headed for home, I saw this tiny patch of gorgeous blue sky peeking out at me.

“Stop the car,” I shouted. “I need to get this photo.”

My ever-accommodating husband found the perfect spot to pull the car over. He’s grown used to my artistic outbursts! Or maybe it’s just that he’s grown used to me.

Anyway, I got the shot just in the nick of time because the clouds were on the move. A minute later and there would have been no blue to see.


To me it was an omen, a bit of luck, a reminder that there is always a little blue sky to be found under the dark clouds.

All I have to do is remember that it’s there and look for the blue.