Joe and Parka

I am forever interested in how friendships occur in the pasture. Of course others would probably use a less human word, but friendships works for me.

Because I think the horses do become friends.

As I’ve gotten to know the herd by observing them every day, I see the connections.

One of my favorite friendships to watch is between two old boys, Joe and Parka. These two bachelors hang out together. Almost always, if you see one, the other is close by.

They know the way of the world and don’t put up with any shenanigans.

“Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt” is their motto. There’s no kicking and chasing and yee-hawing going on.

These boys are past all that.

Unless you try to move them away from the snack line. Then things could get a little “western,” to borrow a phrase from author C.J. Box.

Last week, I couldn’t find Joe. Parka stood alone at the fence line, and I swear he looked sad. I had this fear that Joe had moved to another boarding facility. I asked Parka, but he wasn’t saying.

And here’s the interesting (to me) thing: I felt sad too.

When the makeup of the pasture changes, I notice. I want all the main characters to be there, happily munching on grass and doing their horse thing – whatever that may be.

I’ve had to realize two rather staggering facts.

I am not in charge.


Change happens.

Both are lessons that keep showing up for me.

And I guess they’ll keep on showing up until I “get it.”

I’m not saying I like it, but I do know the lessons are coming.

P.S. Joe must have been taking a siesta in the shed on that day when I couldn’t find him. He’s back in all his elder statesman glory.

Big sigh!

Don’t have to deal with that loss today.

Thank you Universe!