Roses in  my backyard.

Roses in my backyard.

Here in northern Colorado we are experiencing an abundance of roses.

A rose extravaganza.

A “rosapalooza.”

A rose marathon.


Everywhere I look, these beauties are blooming their hearts out. In well-tended gardens and along the medians in roadways, the roses are shouting,

“Hey, I’m here. And oh by the way, I am gorgeous!!!”

In my experience, roses do tend to have very positive opinions of themselves. Humble isn’t a word one associates with roses.


It’s been glorious. Every day I smile when I see rose bushes full of beautiful blooms.

What a blessing.


Our spring was dicey.

We had a very small showing of lilacs, and barely a blossom or two on most of the fruit trees. Tulips and daffodills didn’t care for the late May snow. Nor did I as a matter of record.


But now the roses. Oh my goodness!


To me it’s just another reminder that something wonderful is always on the horizon. How does that saying go?


“When one door closes, another one opens.”


Right on, Mother Nature!