Photo Credit: Bigstock Photos

Photo Credit: Bigstock Photos

We just celebrated my husband’s birthday. And only a few weeks earlier, we did the same for my sister.

And here’s the thing, each of them has a favorite cake.

A cake that by it’s mere presence signals “It’s my birthday.”

For my sister, it’s the Texas Sheet Cake with fudgy icing.

And for my husband it’s his family’s chocolate cake with white icing. Only this year did I learn that to really trip his childhood memories, the white icing needs to be the old fashioned Seven Minute variety.

Making those cakes has become a tradition.

I like doing it.

I love the predictability and comfort of birthday traditions.

I like doing something for the people I love to make them feel special. Because they are. And the world does enough to tear away at our sometimes fragile self esteem.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate.

In our family the birthday girl always got to choose what she wanted for dinner. We didn’t go to a restaurant, but instead our mother made our favorite food. As I recall, for me it was usually swiss steak or corned beef and cabbage. I didn’t really have a favorite cake.

In fact sometimes our birthday cake was a pie. We were more of a pie family.

Though come to think of it, my dad’s favorite cake was a chocolate potato cake. It’s a delicious, spicy, moist cake that my mother usually made it for his birthday.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Do you have favorite cake or pie?

Do you go out to dinner or breakfast?

Do you have a party?

What makes the day special?

P.S. I had a breakthrough this week with Rick’s family cake. For the first time ever, it didn’t sink in the middle. I think it means I have really arrived! Or it means that I was just lucky.

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