“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~Winston Churchill


I have badlands.

Places I’d rather not visit, and yet being human and so very imperfect, I sometimes end up there.

The badlands I deal with exist in my mind.

Little niggling thoughts that trip me up.

Judgments about myself or others, that serve no purpose except to cause upset.

Blaming, shaming and a general lack of compassion.

Fear sometimes raises it’s ugly head too.

As does focusing on mistakes I’ve made.

Like I said – Badlands.


This spring Miss P. has also had to negotiote badlands.

Hers are in the pasture. There is a section of land that is just plain nasty. It’s all dried weeds and saltgrass. The ground is soft, making it difficult to walk.

And she has to make her way through that mess, to get to me and her lunch.

Every day.

And every day she does it.

With slow and steady steps she crosses her badlands.


As with so many things about life, Pepper has taught me another important lesson.

Just keep going.

Get through the badlands.

One foot in front of the other.

The only way out is through.


I don’t know if you have your own badlands, but I’m guessing you might. What with us sharing this interesting human orientation to the world.

Here’s the nugget of gold I’ve learned from watching Pepper each day:

There are simply times when you can’t avoid the badlands.

But you can make your way through them.