A couple of weeks ago I was hustling along a concourse at Denver International Airport looking for Gate 60. I walked to the end of my “known world,” then down a set of stairs and into a long, very unfamiliar corridor, still looking for my gate.

 I could feel anxiety rearing its ugly head.

Was I going to the right place?

Where is that gate?

What if I’m in the entirely wrong place?

What if I miss my flight?

It didn’t help that this was an early flight, which meant that I’d been up even earlier.

You get the picture. I was tired, a little wired on caffeine, and anxious. My shoulders were already tight from lugging my travel-stocked purse.

Wired, tired and anxious seems a good description of the experience of flying these days.

So I’m walking down this corridor, wondering where in the heck I was going when I came upon this large illuminated sign, reminding me to RELAX. The peaceful green letters were lit one at a time until the whole word was bright green.

I stopped.

Took a good, long breath.

And then I smiled.

It was all I needed to calm my anxious self.

I took the photo and then continued on my way. Very quickly I found myself in a large waiting area, which was very familiar.

The next thing I found was Gate 60.

Sometimes all we need is one little sign.

And what I’ve learned, though sometimes I forget, is that the signs are everywhere.

We just have to see them.