Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and this is my shout out to her.

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

There is something quite magical about knowing someone for her whole life. It gives a kind of continuity and meaning to my life as well.

In thinking about it I realized that I have only a handful of people that fit into this category. People I’ve known since they took their first breath.

Which of course makes it all the more magical.

We invite people into our lives in myriad ways – sometimes with intention and sometimes not.

And one way or another each of them influences us. We become who we are, at least in part, through our associations with the people in our lives. Sometimes we rebel against them, sometimes we emulate them, sometimes we just love them. In all cases, they influence us.

Here’s to many more years of being influenced!

Who have you known for their whole life? It is magical isn’t it?