Because Amigo is currently in a hospital stall recovering from surgery, the Herd of Oldsters has dwindled from it’s once robust number of five-plus, to Pepper and Chickadee.

My husband has dubbed them The Golden Girls.

They’re easy to spot these days. Find the large herd and then look in the opposite corner of the pasture, as far away as possible and you’ll find Pepper and Chickadee. They have zero tolerance for the younger, stronger horses. All that puffery is lost on them. They want to graze the cool, green grass, and nap in the sun. I expect there is also more than a little gossip to spice up their day.


When I went looking for Miss P. the other day, I came upon the scene pictured above.

Chickadee was stretched out on the ground taking full advantage of a sleep-inducing warm afternoon. And Pepper was lazing beside her, on her feet, but doing the sleeping- standing-up-thing that horses do.

The Golden Girls were totally grooving on the sunny day. I almost hated to wake them. Chickadee wasn’t at all sure she wanted to get up, though eventually she pulled her old bones to a standing position and followed Pepper to the gate.

These days they are fast friends.

Find one and you’ll find the other. I like that. Two sweet old mares keeping each other company.

It makes me think of my own girlfriends and how totally blessed I am to have them.

I recently read an article suggesting that even with all of our tweets and likes and texts and posts, we are dying for good old face-to-face connection. We crave it like essential nutrients.

That’s when I realized how grateful I am that my friendships are not dependent on electronic devices – except maybe the telephone.

I know this statement dates me.

Yes, I am part of that unplugged generation. The generation that gets together with friends for coffee. Or uses the telephone to work through a problem. Or hosts a dinner party. Wow, does anyone even use that phrase anymore?

My friends still send cards via the U.S. Postal Service to cheer me up or celebrate an important occasion.

I have friends who show up at my house bearing soup when I am sick, who brought champagne and popcorn when I broke up with a boyfriend years ago.

I have friends who helped with a fall cleanup in our yard when my husband broke his ankle a few years ago.

My girlfriends remember important events in my life and ask about them.

It was a girlfriend that introduced me to my wonderful husband. I could go on.

I know you have similar friendships.

At least I hope you do, because as far as I’m concerned, girlfriends are like vitamins for the soul.

And we all need vitamins.



Watching Pepper and Chickadee mosey around the pasture together, prompts me to be a better friend.

It’s easy to grow complacent.

How many care packages have I delivered to a sick friend?

How many cards have I sent?

How many thank you notes?

How often have I told a friend just how important she is to me?


Right at this moment, I’m thinking not enough.

Not near enough. So thank you Pepper and Chickadee for the reminder.

Reach out today and touch someone.

Really touch them.

It’s what I’m going to do.