This is Tucker.

He runs the boarding facility where Pepper lives. At least that’s his strong opinion – that he is the head honcho. Nothing could work without his participation and ultimately his okay.

He’s one confident dog.

I have a different job description for him.

To me he’s the CJO of the operation. That’s Chief Joy Officer.

And he’s darned good at it.



Tucker knows how to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of any experience.

He’s never met a snowstorm he didn’t like. Or a gulley washer of rain.

He’s out there in it, his head high,  his tail a flag of joy. He loves to swim in muddy ponds, carry sticks and chase rabbits.

He greets every new horse and shows him or her around, you know, giving them the lay of the land. When the hay truck arrives, which horses are the ones to avoid, which people give out the snacks. 🙂


And he greets us two-leggeds too, gently butting a leg with his head if we’ve not properly acknowledged him and given the requisite moment or two of petting that he wants.


Tucker is firmly grounded in the present moment and he reminds me to do the same.

To be right here, right now experiencing this life. Not the one I thought I would have, this one.

Not the one someone else may have, my life.

Not the  one I may live down the road, this life right here, right now.


Parker Palmer, a wonderfully wise teacher, author and activist says,

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”


Well, Tucker has that one sewn up. He knows exactly who he is. He knows exactly how to be joyfully present. And every day I see him, he teaches me the same thing.


Who’s the Chief Joy Officer in your life?