Time for Tuesday Beauty

Papa Big Slide

Can you think of anything cooler than having your grandfather work at an amusement center?

Especially when you are three years old?

For our grandson, going to Papa’s work is a highlight of coming to visit.

And that smile, well it’s one of the most beautiful things I ever see. And it made me think of all the people with whom I interact every day who don’t smile.

At the grocery store.

At the gas pump.

When I’m out walking.

Very few smiles coming my way.

I’m a perennial smiler. Can’t seem to help myself. Sometimes I get one in return, but not always.

So…two thoughts on this Tuesday morning:

  1. Are you finding joy in the small things in your world? See if you can connect with your three-year-old wonder at the world. It will lighten your spirit. I guarantee.
  2. Are you smiling?

We live in a beautiful world!