It happens every spring, and each year I tell myself I’ll remember next time.

And then I promptly forget.

When the pastures finally green up and the horses are able to eat their fill of the sweet, new grass, they develop a serious case of “green-grass-itis.”

And our sweet girl, Miss P. is no exception.

This eating grass is serious business – nothing to trifle with or be distracted from.

So on Friday, as always, I went out to feed Pepper.

It’s a bit of a hike, since the herd has been moved to the back pasture, but no worries. It was a beautiful day and the walk was good for me. I fixed her food and set out to get her.

Of course she and her little band of friends, Amigo and Chickadee were in the southernmost corner of the pasture.

Of course.

When I got close enough, I called to her. This usually gets me at minimum, a raised head. More often she walks toward me.

Not this time.

Didn’t acknowledge my presence at all.

I can almost always count on Amigo to get the group going, if Pepper doesn’t.



When I got right up on them, I said, “Hey girl. Are you ready for lunch?”

She finally deigned to look at me.


Then she put her head back into the grass and resumed eating.

I walked closer, put my hand on her neck and stroked it. “ Come on Pep, time to eat.”

She continued to ignore me, as if she were suddenly deaf.

I didn’t bring a halter. These days we just don’t need it since she comes in on her own.

Except when she has green-grass-itis.

I stood for a while trying to coax the horses in. But they were having none of it.

At one point they looked up, gazed at me, and then shot a look at each other. It was as if they were considering my proposal. But quickly they unanimously agreed, “No thanks. Not today.” And they put heads into the sweet green grass.

I can’t say as I blame them.

The way they plucked the blades of grass into their mouths made it sound quite delicious.

It’s been a baren pasture this winter, so I get their fixation on the green.

And soon enough Miss P. will figure out that the grass is here to stay.

And I will remember to take a lead rope with me.